Festival rules


Organizer of the Festival: Swing Jazz Culture Foundation (location address: Petőfi street 73, 2653 Bánk, Hungary, web: www.jazzfesztival.hu) (hereinafter Organizer)

Festival’s venues:

  • The water stage in Lake Bánk and its surroundings (inside the delimited area)
  • The Adventure Park by the Lake and the event tent set up there
  • The restaurant of Tó Hotel with its garden and terrace

1./ You can enter the territory of the Festival with the conditions and time frame as you see on your ticket. With acquires the right to enter the festival (ticket purchase, wearing the armband) the visitor accepts the event’s policy.

2./ The Organizer to secure the execution of the Festival, reserves the right to restrict the allowed objects and tools which you can bring to the festival.

3./ Visitors must abstain from every manifestation, communication, or act that endangers or offends anybody’s personal rights, life, health and physical safety. Anyone without a valid ticket (armband) or damaging the rules of behaviour, or specifically drunk or under the influence of a drug, can be removed out of the event. These persons can not get back the price of the ticket.

4./ Visitors are not entitled to bring alcoholic drinks to the area of the Festival. Otherwise they can take maximum one 2,5 liter capacity pet bottle with water or soft drink. Furthermore, the visitor is not entitled to bring food or tobacco product in commercial quantities to the Festival.

5./ Children under 14 years can only visit the festival with an adult.

6./ During the Festival visitors who arrive with a car, can park to that parking place which is appointed by the local government of Bánk, and by the Organizer. These parking spaces are not guarded, and the organizer of the festival is not responsible for preserve cars and the valuables in it.

7./ Except of guide dogs and police dogs, visitors can not bring any pet to the area of the Festival. The guide dogs and police dogs can be entering to the festival free of charge.

8./ Visitors have to protect nature and abstain from damaging it.

9./ Visitors acknowledges that the organizer can take audio and video recording. With enter the area of the festival, visitors contribute for the appearance of their face and manifestation on these records.

10./ Visitors are not allowed to take amateur audio and video recording.

11./ In the festival area, without the written permission of the Organizer, it is not allowed to make any economic, commercial or advertising activities.

12./ In the commercial and catering units we do not serve children under 18 years,

13./ During the festival visitors are not allowed to swim in the lake because it is dangerous.

14./ Visitors must observe the instructions for the safe and organized execution of the festival (reservation, intromission, appointment of areas which can not be visited, etc.)

15./ Smoking is prohibited in the Festival. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

Swing Jazz Culture Foundation


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