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The Swing Jazz Culture Foundation was established on March 17, 2004 with the goal of cultivating the traditional swing-jazz culture of the 30s and 40s. We would like to popularize and promote the professional development of the Hungarian representatives, to provide an insight into the European and American jazz-music world and to the European Christian music culture, through gospel music.


The Foundation organizes annually the Louis Armstrong Jazz Festival on the water stage, by the shore of picturesque Lake in Bánk, and the “Wings of the Music” gospel music concert series.


We paid special attention to help and promote other branches, therefore we support the creators through the implementation of various projects throughout our entire year: organizing photo exhibitions, supporting book and record publishing, creating websites for artists, etc.



The purpose of creating and operating the Foundation:

  • organizing and conducting an annual jazz music festival, as well as concerts, organizing music events.
  • jazz music ensembles – studio recording and publishing, media appearances, to support participation in music events.
  • supporting public music performance for talented young people, who interested in Jazz music and for talented students of jazz classes in music schools.
  • researching of foreign and Hungarian jazz history



Ferenc Karacs

The Board of Trustees:

Csilla Kukucska

Board members:

Julianna Zagyva Karacsné

Endréné Túry Dr.

Iván Nagy

Honorary member:

József Gothárd



If you believe that you would help the work of Swing Jazz Culture Foundation, contribute to the success of our Foundation’s future events, please support our Foundation!

The bank account numbers of the public benefit foundation:

IBAN HUF: Hu43 1160 0006 0000 0000 1208 4773

IBAN EUR: HU27 1160 0006 0000 0000 4119 4858



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